Why you should support Speedy Speed’s Online Second-hand Bookstore?

By purchasing a book from Speedy Speed’s online second-hand bookstore you assist Speedy Speed to feed more underprivileged children and make more of a positive difference to more lives. All profits from book sales goes towards Speedy Speed’s projects towards making a positive difference. All books listed are in good to very good condition.

Purchasing from Speedy Speed’s online second-hand bookstore is very easy :

a) All you need to do is view the online selection.

b) Choose the book/books you want to purchase.

c) Make payment online through the safe and secure online payment portal.

d) Once payment is cleared in Speedy Speed’s bank account they will deliver your purchase anywhere in South Africa. Delivery period is normally 2-4 working days, depending on your location.

N.B. If you’ve finished the latest bestseller, have some books you’ll never read again or it’s just time for a clear out, you can donate books by sending an email to info@speedyspeed.co.za. Speedy Speed will arrange collection thereafter. Please ensure all books donated are in a good condition.

Together we can make more of a positive difference!

N.B Visit Speedy Speed’s Online second hand book store now by clicking on the following link and purchase your favourite book :


N.B. Click on the following link and find out in what other ways you can get involved and help make a positive difference:  http://www.speedyspeed.co.za/how-to-get-involved/